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PAWS Fundraiser at Tandang Garimot

PAWS Fundraiser at TGMA

Tandang Garimot Martial Arts & Wellness was opened in October of 2012.  Head instructors Mike “Tandang” Eugenio and Arnold “Sawa” Ibardaloza have created a comprehensive training program for adults and children to improve health and build strength physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Our focus is on making martial arts a fun part of modern life.

What does Tandang Garimot mean?

The pronunciation is tuhn-dung’ ga-reeh’ mawt. Tandang means young rooster in the Filipino Tagalog language.  If you have trouble pronouncing us, just call us “TGMA”.  It’s okay, not everyone speaks Tagalog.

Tandang is the fighting name given to Guro Mike Eugenio by Gat Puno (Chieftain) Guro Abundio “Garimot” Baet, who is the founder of the Filipino martial art of Garimot Arnis de Mano. “Tandang” means “Rooster”.  “Garimot” has been the fighting name that has stayed within the Baet family. It means the absorber or to absorb whatever is in front of you. Hence, in honor of our teacher and his family art, Guro Mike is known as Tandang Garimot.

In Filipino Martial Arts, there is no tradition of using belts to signify rank.  However, upon becoming an instructor in the Garimot family, each apprentice earns their fighting name.  There are now 3 instructors of the Garimot family at Tandang Garimot Martial Arts & Wellness.  They include, Tandang (Rooster), Buboyog (Bee), and Barakuda (Barracuda) Garimot.


Tandang Garimot Martial Arts is now teaching regular classes at the Ray Meyer Fitness Facility on the DePaul University Campus in Lincoln Park.  Please check the locations tab above for more details.