Adult Classes

Whether you are looking for self defense, fitness, or interested in trying something new, the classes offered at Tandang Garimot will give you all that and then some. With over a dozen different classes offered over several different styles of martial arts, this comprehensive program has something for everyone.  Whether you’ve never thrown a punch in your life or you’ve been training for several years, classes are structured to work to your skill level.  Class sizes are kept small to insure the instructor can give each student the proper level of attention.

Tandang Garimot offers several styles of martial arts for students to train in.  This can be overwhelming to new students, on each web page we have provided the major goals each style focuses on to help students better determine which class is the right fit for you.  For students looking for a fast paced class that provides more of a cardio workout, 12 Rounds and Muay Thai are recommended.   For students looking for an intense workout with more of a focus on technique, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Capoeira focuses on those goals.  For students looking for more technical training that is highly applicable in self-defense, Filipino Martial Arts and Kung Fu are a great match.  Our Tai Chi program focuses on wellness through sitting and standing meditation.