Tai Chi

Tandang-Garimot--3086 - Copy (2)Tai Chi is a soft form of martial arts, as opposed to a “hard” or “external” style like western boxing, Muay Thai, or Mixed Martial Arts.  The focus is on cultivating proper body mechanics and the generation of power from within, as opposed to the building of stronger muscles in order to generate force.

Guro Mike Eugenio leads classes through the forms of Temple Style Tai Chi.  Tai Chi is a form of internal practice that is low impact, and can be adapted for students of different ages, physical abilities, or restrictions.   Even for those disinterested in the martial application of these techniques, it provides an excellent meditative and low-impact workout, without much of the discomfort associated with similar practices like yoga.  For advanced students, Guro Mike will teach martial application of the forms, and lead partner exercises.