Welcome To GATChicago.com v2.0

Welcome to the new and improved GATChicago.com, the home of Tandang Garimot Martial Arts and Wellness on the web.  We’ve added several new features we think you’ll enjoy.

  • News – Check here often for information on exciting new promotional offers, new classes, and upcoming special events at the studio!
  • Class Schedule – Get a heads up on upcoming classes and feel free to drop-in on any class that catches your interest.
  • The Class Matrix – If you’re new to martial arts and not sure which classes will help you reach your fitness and wellness goals the fastest, check out our class matrix to get a better idea of which classes might be a fit!
  • The Rooster House – The Rooster House is the home for the instructor blogs at Tandang Garimot.  Get training tips, workout advice, and nutritional advice from our instructors to help you reach your goals faster.

We’re super excited about the new site, and we look forward to the additional benefits it can provide our student base.