As of November 15th, our pricing schedule has changed, and may be subject to changes in the future.  There’s NO START UP FEE for new members.  No uniforms or equipment is required for participation, but we do recommend that you wear something you are comfortable moving in, and that you purchase your own boxing gloves, eskrima sticks, wrist wraps, and shin guards.

The school uses a web-based program called Mindbody to manage class schedules and memberships.   If you haven’t signed a waiver yet, please do so electronically. You will be required to sign this waiver before joining us in class. here.

 Those who wish to train with us on a limited basis will be charged the semi-private training rate. To sign up for a drop in class, please go to our calendar, click on the class you would like to attend, sign in, and click “register”. You must prepay for any classes you wish to attend: we do not take rain-checks. If you have any difficulty signing up, please contact us