Private Training

Private Martial Arts Training Private training is essential for any serious martial arts practitioner.  One-on-one instruction gives many of the benefits of a personal training while at the same time teaching you a valuable skill.  While you’re likely to get a great benefit out of group instruction, in private sessions the instructor is able to take more time to demonstrate proper technique, and focus on your personal development and goals.

Each session is customized to help you reach your personal goals.  Whether your focus is fitness, self-defense, or simply mastering a specific martial art, we can help you identify problem areas, improve your technique, and get you into shape.   Private training can also be a great option for those who want to learn self-defense or martial arts, but are uncomfortable working in a group setting with other novices.

For an additional fee, we will come to your location and teach you.  Fees are determined based on distance from our location, frequency of training, and time of appointment.  For more information, contact us with any questions.

Pricing Training:

Semi-Private Training (2-4 students): $50 per hour, per student

Single Private Training Session- $75

Five Private Training Sessions – $325 ($65 per session)