As a martial artist, we all know how difficult it can be to find a good training partner. Especially a partner that can be available 24/7, What does one do if a training partner is not available? The solution…a little imagination and innovation. One of my favorite training tool is a highly sophistacted piece of machinery called a door. It’s a great training tool that cooperates and has a true centerline reference feel to it.

Check out my video clip for some simple entry exercises. This is how I personally train all of the empty hand principles I have learned from kali, arnis, eskrima, wing chun, boxing, penjak silat, tai chi chuan, aikido, etc, etc…i have slowed down the drill for my students to see, and recognize some of the movements: entries, over riding, jamming, split energy, “peng” energy (fa jing and fa li), low line, linear, and circular patterns to occupy, and control oponent’s space. This is not the complete set, but just a small taste. 🙂

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