One must only look through Google why learning martial arts is so beneficial for your children. I am not going to bore you with that. After all Google is your friend. What I offer to several of my clients are private sessions that they can enjoy with their kids. I like working with parents in this type of setting. They can communicate their real concerns and goals regarding their children, plus they also learn self-defense and they can practice it together safely at their own comfort levels. The mom and dad that seek my help knows I am not there to babysit. They come to me because they have real concerns about their child’s safety, confidence, bullying, discipline, etc. My job is to coach both parents and child. I give them materials as homework to remember so that they may both practice at home. Then come back for the next progression sets. Each family unit is different. Some parents are okay with light sparring, and some parents do not want their kids learning weaponry. The work-outs are customized for clients so they get exactly what they  want. I usually engage in small talks with the parents and our young student to gauge their maturity level and their interest in martial arts. This way I get a better feel if the private sessions with mom, dad, child and me are a match. I have taught this “family” type private lessons for quite a awhile now. Sizes varied from family reunion, family of five, to divorced mom/dad and child. One thing for sure stands out…quality time!

Make it a quality.  If you think you and your child can benefit from this type of training environment, please share this information or contact me and let us meet to discuss about your “family” training.

Mike “Tandang” Eugenio


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